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Originally Posted by docyoung View Post
Up to the moment I became greatly influenced to play guitar I was set on playing classical piano. I was homeless at age 19 and was living out of a car with no job in Takoma Park, Md. I got some money from a drunk teacher hitting my car. It wasn't enough to do anything big so I decided to use it in a way to feel better. I saw a music teacher advertising introductory group classical guitar lessons for six weeks at $30.00. So I thought that a piano wasn't coming my way so why not and spent $300.00 on a classical guitar and took the lessons. At the end of the introductory lessons he asked me if I wanted to take private lessons. I told him my situation with little money. So he made a deal with me that I could have classical guitars lessons for free as long as I came to each session with mastery of the lesson. Well I jumped on the deal and I made it for three years + free lessons. I didn't stumble once and he kept his word. It ended sadly with him moving to Oregon. His name was Rene Berblinger, He was studying with Sophocles Papas, played and hung out with with Charlie Byrd. Rene did after hours in DC playing with Elizabeth Cotton, Hurt, and others. So all my lessons were finger style mixed from Classical to Cotton and Hurt finger picking and other styles and songs . His passion and compassion was the greatest influence on my guitar playing.
Great testimony.

I guess I owe a lot to my mom for getting a 1919 Lester Baby Grand for the living room in 1969.
With any family members around I played melodically and figured out chord inversions.
But if I had the piano to myself I played boogie woogie and wild experiments. R&B piano can be percussive, with rollicking swing counterpoint (in between the beat) that I later informed my right hand tunes on acoustic.

As far as performing artists. I love all the aforementioned.
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