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Jim Croce for his incredible skills as a singer, writer, and general "working man done good."
Maury Muehleisen (lead guitarist for Jim Croce) for his incredibly tasteful acoustic lead mastery
CSNY for their open tunings
David Crosby's wife for keeping him alive all of these years to produce great music
The healthy competition between Stephen Stills & Neil Young that gave us some of the 60s & 70s greatest music
Neil Young for palm muting & the use of the harmonica as fill
James Taylor for his pianistic arrangements on the guitar, his "owning" of every cover he ever performed, his hammer-ons and pull-offs, his generosity in providing a resurgence for acoustic guitar manufacturers and increasing sales 10 fold without demanding a commission, and his ability to be the "king of understatement" in his writing (e.g., "Her goodbyes are somewhat unrefined")
Dan Fogelberg for putting poetry to song & extracting every ounce of emotion out of his audience
Gordon Lightfoot for many things but primarily as evidence that we live in great times: here we have a man that sort of "flew under the radar," so to speak, a great songwriter, but never reaching the level of stardom that is commensurate with his talents, yet he is STILL worth about $30 million -- is this a great continent or what?

. . . and finally, for the best line ever written in a song: "I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then." Anyone know the song & artist?

Footnote to James Taylor's influence on acoustic guitar sales in the 70s: the Martin guitar cynics out there will say "yeah, but look what this crazy increase in demand did to the quality of Martins in the 70s when the factory was spitting out guitars like taffy."
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