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Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
Oh I know. When I was working for an aerospace manufacturer I helped destruct some nomex carbon fiber production samples. I was thinking of a wood, honeycomb wood sandwich. Most people go pretty thin on the two wood layers.
Very thin indeed! I'd have to look up my specs but iirc it was scary thin. I used epoxy to join every thing together being very careful not to fill the honeycomb. So each chamber is full of air.

I have read of luthiers who claim that they still use good tonewood and in fact some that even go as far as using spruce for the top and cedar for the bottom and make claims that they can control the tone this way. I have my doubts. It seems to me that the Nomex is the dominant variable in that system as is the thickness of the outer layers. But in the end what you are making is a composite material that is very light weight and strong.

As far as I am concerned a double top guitar is a laminate top and it approaches something more like a carbon fiber guitar where the goal in producing tone for a guitar is to have a super light weight top that is still strong enough to not destroy itself under string tension.

Carbon fiber guitars sound great! Different but great. So do double tops.
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