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Been busy but guitar not much further. I was going to make a jig to do the bridges in but got sidetracked with a couple other projects along with finally tidying up the place. Part of that was in putting up a rack to hold my clamps. I also was building a binding jig, just have to build the offset adjustment pin mechanism. That does not require me being out in the garage so it will wait.

I also built a cabinet for my metal bandsaw to sit on. I also cut a larger table for it and want to tie it in with the base to make it more stable. I am also going to get some vapor barrier and enclose the lower part of the shelving behind the saw. I want to make it my environmental chamber to keep my guitar wood around 50% humidity. We sometimes go down to -40 here in the winter and unless you turn down the humidity you get water condensed on the windows. One year measured about 5% humidity in the house, great for static, where is that cat?

I also want to use the middle shelf to do much of the dust generating work and hook up a dust collector for it. If I need to I can always run out to the garage to use the table saw, a bit nippy but if you are not out there long not too bad. So not too much work on guitars but on the process in making them.
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