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Hi Aaron and welcome to the forum. Traveling to Canada can be tricky if you plan to sell guitars there. If you do, then you must pay their sales tax when you cross customs and the guitars then become Canadian property. If you sell the guitar there, great. If not, when you cross back into the states, you have to apply to get your sales tax refunded which takes MONTHS!

Now when we travel there, we declare our guitars as “Trade show samples, NOT for sale”. If someone wants to buy the guitar, we bring it back with us and then ship it to them. It’s a whole lot easier (for us).

I would also suggest taking guitars, made from woods, that are NOT on the CITES list (IF) you don’t have proper permits? If the wood resembles woods that are on the CITES list then the burden of proof falls on you to prove otherwise or customs can seize the guitar. Its rare that it happens but it’s a real possibility.

Hope that helps.
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