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Nice review Bob.

If there is one thing that me (55) and father (78) bond over , it is the music of Pink Floyd.

He got me into it as a child

We saw them live in 1994 at RFK. 3rd Row from stage.

He lives in Houston now and I flew down last September to go to the Cinema in Houston that was screening it.

Before I arrived I also order a copy of the original Live At Pompeii to be delivered to his house.

The screening was fantastic and the theater had a excellent sound system, but while I enjoyed it immensely, I felt empty by the absence of Echoes.

So later in the same day we popped in the original DVD and watched on my fathers excellent Home Theater set up.

FWIW, I am old enough to have gone to a midnight screening of the original Live at Pompeii at an art house theater back in the early 80's. I have to say I miss theaters screening these things. I've seen quite a few concert films at movie theaters in the late 70's/80's. I guess MTV killed more than the radio star.

I have to admit, I think the original is still the better performance. For me it was all about Echoes and the band itself as a unit.

Much to my selfish embarrassment, I only learned recently the David Gilmore has said in a past interview that he would never perform Echoes with out Richard Wright.

I felt horrible for condemning what I thought was a big miss on the 2017 show.

The 2017 show is still fantastic, but I have not seen it since the the screening, I don't own the DVD, though my father did buy it. He also has Live at Gdansk too (i bought it for him when it came out) and it's a favorite of his. Mine also. I bought myself a copy as well.

I might buy it now. Thanks for the review.
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