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Originally Posted by kwakatak View Post
The tools is called a contour gauge. Mine is metal but I'm told plastic is preferable. I bought it at Home Depot for $10 or so but the pins are hard to push in and can mark the surface you're trying to copy. Harbor Freight carries the plastic kind.

As for the bolts, there are two kinds in play. The holes in the side of the tenon are for barrel bolts that are used to put together prefab furniture like Ikea. There's a a threaded hole in the middle that will accept the bolts that will pass into a pair of matching holes in both the neck block and the tenon on the neck. I'm just not ready to drill the holes yet because I have to finish the body binding and flatten the sides so that everything sits perfectly flush. Once that does I'll move on to drilling the bolt holes and cut the angle on the sides if the heel so that I can start carving in earnest.

As for the choice of neck joint, I'm not skilled enough or equipped to rout out a dovetail joint and glue it up to have the neck angle perfect the first time. I'm not even going to use glue except to glue down the fingerboard. Even then I'm not sold on it; some builders even bolt on the fingerboard extension.
Ok, I saw a contour gauge at ACE today. Interesting tool, but it was the metal kind as well.

If this is a bolt-on, will you be able to adjust the neck angle with
shimming, just like you can with a bolt-on electric guitar?

It's great that you are documenting this...very instructive...and it
kinda gives us a taste of the difficulties involved, before we make
the jump to try ourselves! Thanks!

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