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Originally Posted by redir View Post
You probably already stated this but what top wood is that you are using?
Its Eastern Hemlock. I had started another thread earlier about using this for a top.

There was a huge Hemlock that had fallen on my property and I cut the log up in 24" long sections then split it into quarters. It has been drying for a Looooong time. I have more that has tighter grain but I just like the looks of this piece.

Honestly I mainly used this because its my first acoustic build and I didn't want to loose any money if I screwed up on it. Plus it will be pretty cool to have my first build to use a piece of wood that came from my property. Actually the Wormy Chestnut that I made the Rosette out of came from a board that I took off of my barn several years ago and had kiln dried.
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