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Originally Posted by Fran Guidry View Post
I'm about to or have dumped plenty of mics, not all of them bad.

Among them are...
Blue Kiwi - it's a good mic with a U87 flavor but if you run it through a good tube pre it's really beautiful.
Earthworks SR30 - a little tricky to position but once you have it right it gives a lovely upper frequency sparkle.
ADK A6 - I bought a pair of these because back in the day DreamGuitars was using a pair to record tracks by Al Petteway. They're very accurate for acoustic guitar. Nothing is hyped. Great bang for the buck.

All good mics but I eventually found mics I liked better for my specific purposes. At this point I only have four mics that I can say are definitely staying: the Flea 47, a Lauten Audio Atlantis, and a pair of Gefell M295 sdc mics.

I'd love to add a couple of quality ribbon mics to that list but my room, while treated, is too small to get good results. I don't have another room that would be any better, so I'm stuck for now. In 11 months I'll be retired and my plan is to move and triple my house size. I'll be looking for a place that has a room suitable to building a nice semi-pro home studio where I'll be able to take on projects other than my own. Very much looking forward to that.

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