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Let's see where to start, to try to separate fact from fiction, reality from myth, and the subjective from objective?

Fiction : High end mic/gear is only suitable for professional studios and highly experienced professional engineers.

Fact : There are many very real down earth situations (including many many home situations) where high end gear may be well "worth the price".

Fact: " Worth the Price" is totally subjective and individually specific.

Myth : A high end mic is not suitable for a beginner

Reality: A beginner may not yet have the knowledge or skill to get the sum total of benefits from high end gear --or mid level gear --or low end gear for that matter . Which in an of itself is absolutely not a reason to not get better quality gear.

Fact: the digital age has brought a certain level of accessibility and democratization to recording

Fact: Because of digital tech and new mfg techs the cost of good quality equipment has come way down.

Fact: High end gear is no longer a requirement to produce good quality recordings
Fact: with some (if relatively rare exception) most of the better recordings are typically done on high-mid to high end gear.

As for the OP the objective answer is :
Yes Neumann and most other mics, in that price category are in fact well worth the money , which has nothing to do with whether they should buy one.
There are far to many factors and variable at play and the OP has not disclosed what kind of recording he is going to be doing so it is basically imposible to determine what kind of mic let alone what brand might be best suited value and performance wise
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