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Cool If You've The Jack Go for it !

In perfect world - yeah they are worth it - you betcha . Depends on your goal too .

You can get a hit recording with a lap top , and a relatively inexpensive 48VDC phantom powered condenser mic(s) ,
DAW and single/dual channel analog interface track at a time . The Focusrite or cheaper yet the Berhringer are really
inexpensive interfaces ( $99.00 ) and will do justice to any mic period .

People all over the internet savvy world are doing this daily as you read this .

Less has proven the best in this scenario for a few years now , the studios are dying off one by one to the home
recording musicians . The studio environment will never really die off , only the strong though will
survive as musician's use the empowerment described above . All you need is the material , gear & talent .

Many who are really famous in EDM , guys like DubFX and others have proven low tech works .

Acoustic players world wide are doing it too with ukulele , violin , & guitars ectcetera and live with these interfaces ,
mics & laptops and selling their product using SM57's & 58's and cheaper . One that comes to mind is this monster :

I'd love a Neumann but - one of those would bust my budget a long while .

I've researched it a lot , listened to friend's recording set ups , maybe
one day I'll be able to nail one down but till then I'm really happy with my
[Gold Sputtered ] 48VDC phantom powered large diaphragm that wasn't a
budget buster and sounds really decent along with a industry standard dynamic on my :
  • Dreads
  • 000 nylon classical acoustic
  • 000 resonator
  • Ukulele - soprano & tenor
  • Chromatic & diatonic harmonics
  • Vocal

EZ :

It started for me with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 54 on a Blues Harp and progressed ,
then life .....some death ....Evolving as I went like a small rock in a stream rounding
out as I went with the flow as I go through the white waters and waterfalls of life .
Life has always been interesting to me

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