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Originally Posted by MichaelAngstadt View Post
-Do I need a DI or Pre Amp if there isn't a PA system provided? Or can I just tap vocals and guitar directly into my amp and not worry?
That will depend on the size of the room, if your amp can run an instrument and mic at a good enough level for the space, then yes thats a solution.

Originally Posted by MichaelAngstadt View Post
Does a provided PA system always eliminate the need for a pre amp and DI, at small venues?
You'll nearly always need a DI to "plug straight in". Even if there are instrument level inputs available, theres no guarantee you'll be close enough to make use of them.

In general, everything down to the DI should be the responsibility of the PA company (or venue if its a permanent install), and everything after that is up to the musician. But this doesn't always work out (badly spec'd venues, broken/stolen gear etc) so its good practice to have your own.

Having your own pre very much depends on the output of your pickup, the M1a should have a hot enough output to run straight to a DI with no problems.
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