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Default DI box, Pre Amp, or Both?

Hi, this topic might have been beaten to death, but I haven't found anything specific to my setup yet. So...

I'll be hitting the coffee houses and other small venues soon and want to be prepared, regardless of provided PA, or lack of.
My gear:

I have just fitted my wonderful J-45 with a LR Baggs M1-a and love it.
My amp (if I ever need it, is Genz Benz 100)

Two questions
-Do I need a DI or Pre Amp if there isn't a PA system provided? Or can I just tap vocals and guitar directly into my amp and not worry?
-Does a provided PA system always eliminate the need for a pre amp and DI, at small venues?
(Okay that's actually 3 questions.)

I'm eyeing the Countryman for DI or Para, but really have no idea if I need either.
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