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Default Passin it Around (working title)

I got out the two D28 inspired guitars I made last month and recorded a couple of clips with them yesterday. It's a tune I wrote in the afternoon, my first actually completed song in perhaps 20 years! I have been going to Bluegrass jams and don't seem to be motivated to learn any appropriate 3 chord songs, so it is easier to create them, for me. Of course this tune does have 4 chords.

I posted these clips yesterday in the nearby Single 0 thread documenting my build for II/V/I(Bob Berger) , but of course they should actually be in this thread as they have little to do with the Single 0 or Bob.

I call the tune "Passin it Around", but it probably not the final title.

This guitar is the Sitka over EIR "AGF" dread:

Passin it Around (c 2017)

Here's the same tune, slower, and with the so-called "UMGF" dread instead.

Passin it around

I will work toward getting some pictures of these two guitars and post them for your pleasure.