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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
I agree with John. The arm rest backing looks really nice!
And, I am still a bit unclear on the size.
It appears to be a Slope Dread? I love mine, from bro John, obviously!
Whatever it is it is going to be BOSS!

Thanks Paul! And I'm sorry not to have answered this earlier question. Tom (see below) is correct, this nomenclature stands for our "Small Jumbo". Most luthiers build something like this. And for most, it isn't necessarily a standardized shape. The upper bout was inspired by the Gibson slope shoulder dreads, while the lower bout was inspired by the Martin 0000 shape. We added a tighter waist, which makes it sit in the lap like a smaller guitar, so its full 16" width doesn't feel as cumbersome as it might sound. This was our first design, and we still enjoy building them. Thanks for asking!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I am sure it is their SJ model which in their line is a small Jumbo, I have one from BRW and Italian and it is an amazing amazing instrument! My first real commissioned build ever!
And thank you Tom. We still have proudly on display the picture of your guitar. It was a special build for us.
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