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Originally Posted by GuitarVlog View Post
As far as acoustic-electrics go, I would spend my money on a Yamaha with the new ART system. Yamaha seems to have it together when it comes to A/E guitars.

That's different from what I had heard but perhaps you know better than I do.

It was my understanding Cordoba is a brand managed by an American firm known as Tornavoz Music down in Southern California that sub-contracted the building of their instruments to Spain, China and Portugal. They got into China through Kenny Hill.

Tornavoz also imports some major brands from Spain (Ramirez) and Japan (Kohno) and owns the Loriente line (which has now been moved under the Cordoba label). It was my impression that they also owned or managed Guitar Salon International.
As I recall, the info I got was from the old Cardoba website, before the latest update. I have no doubt that by now they are a subsidiary of some other large outfit. Your info doesn't really seem at odds with mine at all.

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