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Originally Posted by Archaic Guitars View Post
Not to be too nosey, but does switching to all hand tools also include sawing and milling that snakewood by hand as well?

I particularly endorse the q-tip dispenser in the background!
I won't be doing much sawing and milling of Snakewood quite yet. I don't have the saws to handle it yet. I've been studying ways to resaw by hand. My tools to buy and learn to use list includes a Blackburn Roubo frame saw kit. I'll start with cedar and some domestic hardwoods and work my way up to the harder and more expensive woods from there. In the meantime I'll keep doing it the old fashioned way using my bandsaw to cut the blanks and go with hand tools from there.

I also know someone from our local makerspace that is an expert with Japanese saws. He has built large structures with these and understands the methods and saws for working timber. After we get through this pandemic I hope to spend some time with him to get a feel for what I can do using the larger Japanese tools.

I built three little dispensers into that shelf: the Q-tip dispenser, one for pins and one for tooth picks. You've got to keep those critical high tech little hand tools in easy reach!

Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post! Not only the Snakewood log, this also nicely shows your new bench and how you set it up at a distance and with the tool board... hope your horror story with the Tree back/guitar has not happened yet and now will not ever happen ;o)
Looks great and the new seat will fit in very well, both practically and optically.
Enjoy !
Thanks Lonzo, no accidents yet luckily, I'm pretty good at predicting the worst. I still have a way to go getting the tools I want and researching what is available and who is making/selling them.

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