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Originally Posted by guitaniac View Post
Thanks for posting this. I have a couple of questions.

1) The usual location for the Tru Mic and the K&K sensors is the same. What kind of compromise did you work out to mount them both?

2) It seems probable that the Element preamp has a fixed gain, since the Tru Mic level is what needs to be adjusted to get a good balance between the Tru Mic highs and the Element lows. Is the Pure Mini's signal close enough in level to the Element signal that its possible to adjust the Tru Mic level for a good balance between the Tru Mic highs and Pure Mini lows?

I'm curious about the Pure Mini level (in comparison to the Element UST level) because I'm contemplating having a local luthier wire three JJB sensors to the Fishman Clearwave "barndoor" preamp in one of my guitars. (The JJB sensors are my "plan B", if a PUTW #27 SBT doesn't prove satisfactory. This particular luthier usually installs the JJB sensors passively with a Switchcraft strap-jack, but I suspect he'd find the JJB/Clearwave preamp combo an interesting project.)
1) See LR Baggs suggested (alternate) mounting locations below. I have always mounted the tru-mic (anthem, SL, lyric) behind the bridge pins to make room for the K&K... it works.

2) Not really, strange as it is the passive K&K has a hotter signal than the powered Anthem. You need a mixer or something to adjust the level between each one, and I think you need EQ for the K&K to remove some of the mid-range but others disagree. The Anthem doesn't need much EQ, but in dual source situations, I often use low or high pass filters to remove parts of the signal. So when I run a hum bucking sound hole pickup, I remove the low end at 1000 Hz to keep it from having phase interactions with the K&K. I may employ a similar EQ to the Anthem.... just really want the mic from it, not the UST. But the nice thing about the Anthem, is if I want to go simple... I can just use a mono cable into it and not mess with the dual sourced K&K.

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