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I think I read once that at Martin Guitars they either do, or used to, glue radiused braces by clamping them down flat so that when they released the clamps the top would spring into the radius of the braces.
Spring back is less than complete, so the result is less radius than what was cut into the braces.

In the old days at Martin, there was more spring back when gluing to a flat surface because the braces were not pre-scalloped. With pre-shaped bracing (CNC), I believe Martin uses radius dishes these days.
I glue uncarved (rectangular) braces to a radiused surface, but not a dish. I cut the radius into a 2X4, and use those 1 1/2" wide pieces to back up the top in the go-bar deck. This is a simple and effective system, particularly useful since I employ a compound radius on my tops.
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