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Originally Posted by SprintBob View Post
Beautiful song, beautiful guitar, beautifully played.

Were you using the cloth on the top of the guitar to cover the sound port for recording?
Hi Bob,
Thank you for giving it a listen!

I'm using the schmatah to cover the sound port because it's just too loud sometimes. More im-port-antly (heh, heh) to protect the finish from my arm.

I need to get out my thread & thimble........and yes: I do have an arm sock, but I can sweat too much from it covering my arm!

The real recording of Loki's Lament on The Rhytalin Kid (done with a pair of AKG-414's) really let the Monteleone shine.

This recording is rather dry, but I think the song stands on its own beauty.

I get lucky sometimes.

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