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Speaking of Epiphone Sheratons, one of my dream guitars when I was starting out two decades ago was this one:

Epiphone did a limited run of these five or six years ago and I was (and still am) tempted to track one down, but I already have a couple electric guitars I don't use enough...

Staying with the theme, one of them is this one photo from the day I brought it home 11 years ago:

It's what they called the "Inspired by John Lennon" 1965 reissue Casino. Gibson/Epiphone had done a high-end, limited run of USA-made Lennon Casinos, and then they did another limited run of those guitars built to similar specs but in their factory in China. I'd just graduated college mid-recession, so the latter was as much as I could spring for. I hope someday they do another Beatles-related edition now that I've got a little bit more flexibility in spending money!

Gibson has done some cool things with their Epiphone ES-style guitars though:

First of all, they've refreshed their 335-style "Dot" guitar it now has the larger, old-style Epiphone headstock and a proper-looking 335-style pickguard. I believe they've updated the pickups as well. Reviews I've seen on this one are good.

They've also started making a USA version of the Casino, in the sunburst we all associate with the Beatles, but also in the earlier "Royal Tan" finish. They've used the earlier headstock on this one as well, which I believe is what's on Paul's Casino, which he bought before John and George got theirs.

Aaaaand, they've started making the Casino in a stripped-back "worn" matte finish, which is kinda cool in a John-Lennon-White-Album-era kind of way. I have to think these would be pretty nice guitars at the price point they're asking. The matte black is kinda cool, reminds me of the Waterloo or current 17-series Martins.
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