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Default Conparison of Epi Sheraton, Gibson ES-335, and Epi Casino

For those who haven't seen this video comparison between the Epiphone Sheraton and the Gibson ES335, this may be interesting:

He is using an ES-345 in the video but he has the vari-control set so that it sounds like an ES-335. What I hear in this video matches my own perceptions. The Sheraton is a little darker and does not have the same treble components as the 335. But each sound is very usable for a lot of different kinds of music. As a longtime ES-335 owner, I was impressed with how good the Sheraton sounded.

This same player has a good video on the Epiphone Casino, which uses P90 pickups, giving this guitar a unique sound. I found myself really attracted to the sound of the Casino.

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