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Little update time. The back is braced and the label has been applied.

I really didn't want a standard looking printed label. So I asked my wife what she thought would look interesting and unique. So she sat down for a bit and we tried out alot of different lettering/typography.

She freehanded the lettering for both the brand name and the model name, I saw it and was overjoyed! She has a much steadier hand than I do. And with a little touch like that it definitely makes it a family affair. I scanned the lettering and then printed it out onto some nice quality parchment paper. Add the serial number to the label and you're done.

And rather than sign the label too I left the signature on the top of the instrument and let the label be by itself.

The back has already been joined to the top/ribs and I'll be cutting binding channels soon. More to come!
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