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Default Gibson L5 binding and wood joint ridge

I recently acquired a 2002 Gibson L5 that I noticed has a ridge all around the binding - wood joint.
It is like the wood is not level or flush with the binding. Wood stands a little higher where the side, top, and back woods meet the binding.
It is not as bad on the neck.
In the worst spot, there is actually a surface crack at the meeting joint (the bottom of the guitar body).
It is not impacting playability and I don't mind that it is there.
I read elsewhere that this could be caused by too much scraping of the binding.
My concern is, can it also be due to binding shrinking or the wood expanding over time?
If so, what can be done to ensure it does not get any worse?
I am keeping the guitar humidified with 2 D'Addario humidipacks inserted in the F Holes in the case.
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