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After some tedious work the rosette is done. For the inlay I used some old piano key bits and pieces that a good friend gave me years ago. The pieces were all sorts of lengths/thicknesses so the asymetry is something I just decided to embrace. I'm pretty happy with the result!

So far I have it sanded down to just 120 grit but it'll be finished out when the top is final sanded. A gracious friend loaned me a circle cutting jig as well as a dremel which made this job way easier.

I had wanted to try something like a segmented rosette but with the various pieces I figured a segmented segmented rosette would be cool. The only other decoration on this guitar will be some nice sycamore binding and a thin strip of purfling. Other than that it's just minimalist. Doing this build gave me some ideas for other looks and designs for future rosettes too so I'll be excited to try those when the time comes.
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