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Originally Posted by Dotneck View Post
This makes me chuckle...
Me too. I have had a bit of a crush on this woman for quite some time now. That is indeed a fletcher brock OM she plays. And she's inspired me to search for an archtop octave.
Unfortunatly I couldnt go the 4 g's it takes to
Purchase a north field or a FBOM . And there isnt a whole lot of archtops (if any)that fill that 1000-2000 dollar range. So i bought one of these.Mine is a A 1956 Gibson tg-50. Which is a tenor guitar. My initial idea was to drill the headstock and switch out the tailpiece.
But I liked the instrument so much I left it alone. This is not me in the video.
The scale length is right around 23 in
There are several tunings one can use.
"Irish tuning" is OM.
If you play mandolin it's a small learning
Curve to up the scale length and make that
reach work. I've had alot of fun with it.
It's very well made and plays great all up and down the neck. Only thing I did was drill out
The endpin and installed a JJB. Sounds great plugged in. With a new HSC.. About 1100 invested.

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