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Originally Posted by Wade Hampton View Post
Thanks, Dave - I'm a huge fan of The Fretboard Journal (FBJ) and intend to keep my subscription to it current until the day I die. It's really a wonderful publication.

To those of you who haven't read FBJ or never heard of it, it's really a superb magazine. A lot of the coverage is of quirky, non-mainstream musicians, music and musical instruments, but for me that's a lot of its appeal. More mainstream musical subjects get covered in every issue, too, but unlike virtually every other guitar-oriented publication I'm aware of, the more offbeat material doesn't get ignored or hidden in a spot where no one's likely to read it.

Plus, I've discovered that attractive members of the opposite sex swoon and fall instantly in love with you when you're an FBJ reader. Without you even mentioning that you read it.

That's if you're heterosexual, of course. If you're gay, it's good-looking members of your own gender that get drawn like moths to the flame whenever you come strolling by.

The folks in their newsroom don't like to advertise that, because they don't want people subscribing for that reason alone. If you were to call their office and ask publisher Jason Verlinde, he'd even deny it! But he doesn't want that information leaking out for fear of being deluged by troglodytes, peckerwoods and nitwits.

But the Fretboard Journal is an equal opportunity sexual attractant, trust me on that...

Hope this helps!

Wade Hampton "Of Course I'm Not Making This Up!" Miller

I enjoy reading FBJ, but I think I must be doing something wrong, somehow.


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