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Originally Posted by ChuckEzell View Post
Looking forward to following your build. I have a small space in my basement and as tight as it is it it works sufficiently at the moment. I can really only build one guitar at a time and don’t have a place to use a sander or larger saw.

Through some direction on these threads and helpful folks here I found the French Polish method very effective. At this point I’ve not had to use any toxic materials or finishes and it’s worked it well.

Looking forward to seeming more of your work.
I appreciate the encouragement. So far I've just been doing a french polish as well as it works pretty nicely. One advantage to bending in a small space is that if you're working with maple it makes everything smell nice and syrupy. Rosewood is nice too.

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I greatly admire the way you have embraced the limitations of your space and turning that into a positive, a truly handmade instrument with more hands on work than most others.
Thanks Tom! It's been an interesting journey so far, my wife is the real hero for letting me have a portion of the home for this venture.

Originally Posted by Carpinteria View Post
I just want to add my encouragement to you. Many people wait for an “ideal situation” and never get to it. For years I built in a shed on a Black and Decker Workmate, with only a router, and it served me pretty well. I am grateful to have a bigger shop now but also for what I learned in the small space. I’m sure this will be a great guitar, and wish you well! Dave
Thanks Dave for the encouragement. Those little Workmates I'm sure have been the beginning for lots of builders/craftspeople these days.

Little update too on this one. The sides have been bent, kerfing has been installed and linings as well. I'll put up some pictures in a bit.
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