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Originally Posted by dogdog49 View Post
Wow, great responses - thanks all! I play exclusively solo fingerstyle instrumental music and I use Alaska picks for a fuller and warmer tone than I can get with my 70 year old, cracked fingernails. My primary guitar is an EIR and Cedar Flammang grand concert. By the way I live in Ashland, Oregon but spend a month or two each spring in New Haven, CT (that's where I am now) just in case someone knows where I might audition an Emerald or a Rainsong Hybrid. Also, a Mcpherson Sable was my most recent purchase. I sold it because, like the Composite Acoustics I've owned, it was very warm but also a heavily built and dead (to me) sounding guitar. What about Rainsongs with K&K pickups? That's what I have in my Flammang and I do want the CF guitar for playing out. I find it to be a warm pickup, would it help if I replaced the stock Rainsong UST with a K&K? Also, the CH model Rainsongs sound fascinating and the price is right, but I often play way up the neck always felt the need for a 14 fret cutaway, so I'm thinking now maybe an H-WS1000n2 might be my best bet and possibly warmer than an H-OM model. Thoughts?
Your string choice will be very important. I was the proud owner of a Shorty for about 4 years. I discovered that the neck just wasn't for me for my style of play but it is a truly fine instrument that had tone in spades. I loved how light it was (4 lbs) and it was loud, articulate, and shimmery. I personally think RainSongs are bright guitars but I kind of like them because of that- Tone is so subjective tho. If you do decide to go with a CH-OM or CH-WS I think you should at least try the following strings to help get closer to "warm".

Martin Retro LJ's Choice

John Pearse Bronze and Silk

GHS Silk and Bronze

Elixir PB Nanoweb

Santa Cruz Parabolic strings

These are kind of known go to strings for RainSongs but I just encourage you to try a bunch. The silk strings definitely warm up a RainSong but I find that there is a trade off because volume is notably decreased. I would still try a set though because RainSongs are so lightly built and resonant that you would not lose as much tone with the silk filament as you would on a wooden guitar.

The Shorty I had (which is identical in construction to the CH-OM- the only differences being aethetic) was equipped with a K&K. I liked it just fine but you do have to run it through EQ and a good buffer- like a tuner or a DI that has a 1M impedence. It will howl at you with feedback, more so than a wooden guitar do you have to tame that somehow. I also would use a feedback buster on top of all that- but yes, the K&K is an awesome choice for RainSongs iMO.

Good Luck!

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