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Originally Posted by steelvibe View Post
What style music do you play dogdog?
Wow, great responses - thanks all! I play exclusively solo fingerstyle instrumental music and I use Alaska picks for a fuller and warmer tone than I can get with my 70 year old, cracked fingernails. My primary guitar is an EIR and Cedar Flammang grand concert. By the way I live in Ashland, Oregon but spend a month or two each spring in New Haven, CT (that's where I am now) just in case someone knows where I might audition an Emerald or a Rainsong Hybrid. Also, a Mcpherson Sable was my most recent purchase. I sold it because, like the Composite Acoustics I've owned, it was very warm but also a heavily built and dead (to me) sounding guitar. What about Rainsongs with K&K pickups? That's what I have in my Flammang and I do want the CF guitar for playing out. I find it to be a warm pickup, would it help if I replaced the stock Rainsong UST with a K&K? Also, the CH model Rainsongs sound fascinating and the price is right, but I often play way up the neck always felt the need for a 14 fret cutaway, so I'm thinking now maybe an H-WS1000n2 might be my best bet and possibly warmer than an H-OM model. Thoughts?

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