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I feel like the straight Hybrid series Rainsongs are the warmest of their lineup, with less brightness and a sweeter midrange than the all-carbon weave or the unidirectional top. Carbon is just so much more responsive than any wood, it can't help but be brighter in frequency response, so the glass fiber in the Hybrid series tends to mellow those high frequencies a little. It's counter-intuitive, a bit, since we tend to want to squeeze just a little more brightness from our wooden instruments, but carbon starts a full step (or more) in that direction, so if you want that "woody" warmth, you actually need to tame it a bit. I feel like the CA models can sound warmer because of their internal bracing and thicker construction, which also deadens some of those frequencies. But compared to my Rainsongs, a CA just sounds lifeless to my ear, whereas the Rainsong sounds open and airy. So I'd look at the Hybrid model of your liking.
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