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Default Rainsong Concert vs. Hybrid models

Anyone have experience with both? I know it's all subjective but like many I'm looking for the warmest, most wood-like tone I can get from a non-wood guitar. A little background - Personally I have a strong preference for the sound of my high-end, hand built wooden instruments over any non-wooden guitar I've ever compared them to. Just speaking for myself here it's not that close, and yet I still want to own a non-wood guitar for certain environments that I have to both play and store guitars in. I've owned several Rainsongs including Concert models and a number of Composite Acoustics as well (I auditioned a few Emeralds at Ted's shop in L.A. back when he used to carry them and although they had an interesting sound they were easily the least like the sound of my high-end wooden guitars to my ears and so dropped off of my list of possibilities - that was several years ago and perhaps the signature Emerald sound has changed but I have no convenient way to audition one). The CA guitars have been uniformly warmer than the Rainsongs, but seemed heavier built and perhaps for that reason lacked sustain and clarity to the point where I've begun to think that the warmest Rainsong I can get may be the closest I'm going to come to my preferred sound. So far the Concert models have been best but I've never tried an H or Hybrid model, hence the question. I'd welcome any thoughts or opinions you folks may have.
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