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Originally Posted by Johann View Post
I'm looking at a low-volume personal amp for my electric guitar, with the decision down to the Vox Adio Air GT or the Yamaha THR10. With the THR10, can you play a Youtube video (backing track) so it goes through your amp and then also play the guitar through the same amp? If so, can you control the volume separately for the backing track and guitar so you get a decent mix? (It looks like you might be able to to use 1/8 cables to go from your computer headphone jack to the THR's aux input, but I'm not sure on this.)

Also, if you can do this, does it work well?
Yes, and I'm still totally satisfied with mine even though the industry always seems to be making great stuff in this niche.

What's maybe hard to convey or describe is how good is is for satisfaction with practice and low volume playing in addition to being so very tunable for different sorts of input and devices. It's the amp that makes playing a pleasure while the rest of the house has someone doing homework or sleeping. I believe it's the schema of the stereo speakers and tuned cabinet that does it.

Two other things that have stood out since my purchase of an early model are Yamaha had a software upgrade when other things I bought never did, and it has very nice physical build and feel.

Other small solid state amps and practice device purchases still kept me interested in what else is out there. The THR and my Trio+ left me satisfied in ways others did not.
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