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Originally Posted by YamahaGuy View Post
I'd love to see a 30 watt combo of the THR. They make a 100 watt head and a 100 watt dual head that is a killer amp. I would really like to see something in between the THR lunchbox amps and the head in a combo suitable for small gigging and still having the USB capability.

Not sure if you are familiar with the line, but there is the off white model, a green one, a black one all for electric guitar. Then there is the gold THR5a for acoustics.

As for a newer model, I have yet to hear anything.
I did my research when I was looking for the best battery powered "travel/bedside table" amp and ended up with a THR5. I was and am still blown away by it. I have yet to play a 10 (and I assume it's great too) but I think the 5 or 10 is the best way to test pickups. This thing seems to replicate exactly what your pickups sound like from clean to dirty.

So I recently traded my loved Fender bassman Ltd (50watt) for a THR100HD. I love it, I have yet to gig with it to see if it will be loud enough but I'm fairly confident it will be. The thing is I can turn it up to 10 with no problem in my bedroom but my bassman I couldn't turn past maybe 4 without blowing out my windows.

? I have for anyone is what are the default setting for the THR100HD as far as booster? Which color is preset? I'm having trouble hooking up my computer to get in there. Thanks
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