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Default More quality progress ....

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Wow--this box is really coming along now!

That is really an amazing Italian top--that is a really small visual anomaly. I thought I had it located on the first larger pic and then discovered it was just a speck of something on my monitor screen!

Really cool to see this one coming together...
Well thank you sir. Ryan did mention how they have streamlined their process some. It really shows in the rapid pace things are happening.

I am really psyched about the top (not to mention some other choice pieces here). I am going to be calling it Alpine Spruce since it does come from the Italian Alps.

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Dennis, this guitar is going to be SPECTACULAR!!!! The woods are OMG beautiful! The back and sides are so pretty now without any finish I can't even begin to imagine. If the Italian top is like mine, you will be verra happy!!!!!

I think this has the potential to be the most beautiful guitar that I have seen come out of the oldest town in Texas and that SAYS A LOT!!!!!! So glad for you.
Thank you very much Tom! We are two verra lucky guys to have such wonderful instruments under construction. BTW, I think your inlays are some kinda schweet!

Originally Posted by Haasome View Post
Looking fantastic!
Thanks Paul! I think so too!

Originally Posted by amyFB View Post
I don't what to say that hasn't already been said.
So again, because you surely aren't sick of hearing it yet, let me say what a stunning guitar you commissioned!

Congrats and I'm thrilled to be along for the virtual ride!
Thanks Amy! Welcome to our incredible journey. Glad to have you!

Originally Posted by doodahdoug View Post
This has the makings of a really special guitar. Beautiful wood choices. Looking forward to watching her come together!
Thanks Doug! Glad to have you follow along.

And now ....

A shot of the bottom linings being glued in.

Carving the back braces.

All the braces are sanded along with the inside of the back and now we have a completed back plate. The back linings were profiled and now the rims are ready to fit to the back. Next up, installation of the side braces.

Things may slow a bit over the next couple weeks as the "boss" is taking a little trip (well deserved). When he gets back we will be going over rosette design and how we are going to work the Lignum Vitae into the mix (hopefully some cool herringbone purfling).

Thanks again everyone for following along!
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