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Originally Posted by MisterOM View Post
I have an old Guitar World Acoustic magazine that has it transcribed this way. It seems that this may be the original way Lyndsey played it on Rumors than changed it up later. If I really can't find a way to make it work I will resort to this arrangement.


Steve W
I have an old Guitar World Acoustic magazine (with Lindsey Buckingham on the cover) in which he confirms using drop D tuning capoed to the 4th fret on Rumours for that tune.
He goes on to say:
" I just drop the low E down to a D and play out of a 2nd position D chord shape. You have to stretch your left hand a little to play the A13 voicing"

(which is the troubling bit you are referring to, so even Lindsey admits it's one of the challenging spots. There is a video of him playing it in drop D, capoed on the 3rd fret, but I think it's more to accommodate his voice.)

Not to say that you can't use another tuning capoed on the 6th if you end up liking that better. Seems to work too!

Here's an excellent teaching video of the tune:
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