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Default Never Going Back Again - Difficult Reach

So I'm strictly a fingerstyle player and have been a big Buckingham fan for decades. I can play a lot of his trickier tunes, but Never Going Back Again has revealed a limitation of mine. Despite having fairly large hands there is one bit that I just can't do. My hands have taken a beating over the decades and seem to have stiffened up and my fingers almost seem to want to curve inward, hard to describe.

There is another way to play this song that makes it easier (Capo 6, drop C vs Capo 4 Drop D), and I may go that route, but I can play the rest of it just fine with the capo on the 4th fret so I'm feeling stubborn.

I can fuel my GAS by shopping for a short scale guitar, so that is good news!
(current main guitar is a 25.4" scale Martin OM).

Here is the tricky bit:

Thanks for any advice!

Steve W
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