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Thanks to everyone at AGF for your continued support and interest (we're now in our sixth year). McCabe's is doing very well with our line.

I should mention also that our retailer in Australia emailed us earlier in the week and is preparing a reorder. They really like our line, and tell us it has been very well received by their customers.

We're building our dealer base slowly. The worst thing a small business can do in this country is try to grow too fast. A lot more companies in America go out of business from growing too fast rather than growing at a steady, controlled pace. Tortoise vs hare. I'm pleased to say we've never borrowed a nickel in building CLP. We have zero debt and pay cash for everything. If we want a piece of equipment for our shop but don't have the money, we don't buy it. Period. And we don't finance things either. So we're positioned very well for the next five years.

A safe and healthy weekend to everyone.

scott & rhonda
Celebrating Five Years in Business!

See photos of our new red casein teardrop inlaid with genuine Mother-of-Pearl, an industry first:

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