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Default Second Flat top blues...

Back in 2013, I started my second flat top, a slight shape modification from an OM with a little more roundness in the upper bout and like the builder a little more 'flesh at the waist'. I left the drawing for some time to make sure it was a reasonable shape, and 8 years later, I do still like it... sadly I never got further than the top and back... So much has happened since then, moved job, moved house, wife getting Cancer, daughter being sick... many of the usual trials and tribulations we face... and things seemed to have worked out OK in the end...So I decided to go back to this build some 8 years after I started it... BUT now having a few motivational issues...

1. The top is a lovely old piece of Sitka from the 80s, with a natural aged patina, but in my rushing at the time, is too thick and too heavily braced...

2. The rosette... some of the paua was too heavily sanded and is a bill 'dull'....

3. I broke a side of the Malaysian blackwood (I bought a few sets very cheaply back before it took off/became popular...) but the replacements don't quite match the back...(I now wish I had left this set for who I have a few more under the belt)

So, I guess I am sort of stuck with a choice of:

1. Ditch and start again (wasteful, ungreen)
2. Remove braces and re-thickness top from back...
3. Use a different B&S set or continue with this mismatched set? (with the cost of MB these days, I think I must, too precious a resource to waste
4. Leave top as is and make it a 12 string?

So any advice form the more experienced on how to tackle this ?

Pictures 002 by frankscousin, on Flickr

IMG_0925 by frankscousin, on Flickr

46741_4960223679334_1550025438_n by frankscousin, on Flickr

Any advice gratefully received

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