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Originally Posted by Rosewood99 View Post
Thatís an awesome guitar but did you keep the other one? To me they would sound too similar to keep both.
The 000-28EC "ain't goin' nowhere"... It sounds great and I plan on keeping it.

Originally Posted by egordon99 View Post
An OM (regular scale) and OOO (short scale) can feel (and sound) very different.
This is my understanding as well. I'm the first one to admit that I don't have that much experience with acoustics, but from my research I think that an OM is roughly like a Strat (tension-wise and overall "brightness") whereas a 000 is like a Les Paul (again tension-wise and a little bit more mellow sounding)

Very rough comparison, but that's my understanding. I may be writing bollocks though, so correct me if I'm wrong.
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