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Originally Posted by ahorsewithnonam View Post
I don’t get why moving means you have to sell guitars. For the money? People move all the time. Big pieces of furniture, dressers, chests, dining rooms, bedroom furniture, beds. All are much bigger, much more space, way heavier, awkward to lift, heavy, require multiple people to lift. 6 guitars are nothing.
I don't either

we have 8 chairs for our dinning room set.

I aint selling 6 of them so I only to move two.

I have close to 20 guitars

we had a house fire last march, (didn't loose any)

I took all of them up to my brother inlaws about 20 minutes away

once we moved to temp housing, I took most of them there

when we moved back home in January they all came back home..

I never for a sec. thought of selling anything.
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