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Originally Posted by buddyhu View Post
I sent 6 guitars in a moving van across the worked well. Put the cases in the cardboard clothing wardrobes.

I can say that the amount of time it takes to sell a guitar has a lot to do with whether it is a guitar that will appeal to a lot of folks: a commonly known maker (Martin and Taylor and Gibson for sure, maybe also Collings, H&D, Bougeois as well), using common woods (EIR and mahogany), offering a size that is popular (dreads are pretty popular), at a price point that many are ready to spend (below $2K is best, but it seems that below $4K is within reach of enough players; $12K guitars donít usually get snapped up in a few days.

Worst case scenario: you cant get all the guitars you want to sell gone, and you have to take a few more guitars with you.
I also used one of those "hanging clothes wardrobe" boxes and it should have been fine. Unfortunately the Saturn station wagon (why yes, this was in the year 2000 ) "shifted" in transit and while only a little case damage was done, it was horrifying. When I opened the case of the Taylor Jumbo 555 I was gulping air in panic! But it was fine.

As to the guitars I'm selling, I'm an oddball so my guitars are as well. No Gibson, Taylor etc. Parker, a National style 1 tricone Baritone (I love it, but it isn't my holy grail. It is too similar to my holy grail German Silver style 1), Larrive 12 fretter probably. Not strange, but definitely not mainstream.

That's why I'm thinking of starting early!
I only play technologically cutting edge instruments. Parker Flys and National Resonators
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