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Default Recording of Dragon's Back by Will McNicol

Hi everyone,

It's been now a month and I am pleased to report that the honeymoon is still going strong. The guitar feels more open as I'm putting the hours, most notably trebles up the neck.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, I bought one Gefell M300 and I've been experiencing with mono recording in Reaper. Below is what I've come up with: a tune from Will McNicol called Dragon's Back. It's a really nice piece with interesting textures and dynamics, which is well suited to demonstrate a guitar's tonal properties. Still some approximations here and there, but I managed to get through it so here you go:

No EQ or reverb have been added. I don't do it well, thus it always sounds somewhat "artificial" to me.
For the recording experts out there, interested about getting some feedback.

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