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My experience is that most guitars need to settle out with humidity for and week or so and many times the action and fret buzz can go away. I always wait for a bit before I do anything to it as if you spend time and money to have a set up, now, it may not be good in a month.

Not sure what kind of climate you are in and what your return window is, but maybe contact seller and let them know and give it some time if you can. Most guitars are not set up right new as they expect the owner to do a set up to their liking after they buy the guitar. How can a guitar builder set up an instrument when they have no idea where it will end up or what the new owner is going to want. So most are set up high.

It is easy to determine where the buzz is coming from and determine if it just a high fret or something more serious. Fret rocker tool and a straight edge will tell you what is going on. There are at least 5 variables that are likely cause: the relief, easy to check with no tools, the nut slot height, frets level or not and is there issues with neck angle or humps and the saddle height. so more than just the relief.

The relief is not really what you would adjust for fret buzz, you adjust that to have a tiny bit of relief or bow in neck, unless it is now in a back pow position, then that would be the likely source of fret buzz. Maybe best to take it someone who knows how to to good set ups and have them evaluate it for you, then you can decide. Also, if someone ut way light strings, then that could also be the issue.
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