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Originally Posted by steveh View Post
New year = time for a Tom Sands build thread. What could be better?

By way of background, I commissioned a couple of Kostals back in 2011 – hard to believe that is now 7 years ago. Jason was just out of Ervin Somogyi’s shop then and I was looking for a bright young thing to make me my dream guitar; I’d played a Somogyi MD at TAMCO in the UK and had been totally smitten but, unsurprisingly, couldn’t afford it (who can?!). Michael Watts put me in touch with Jason, who built me an MD and later an OM. Those wonderful guitars are documented in two AGF threads of >70K and >50K views respectively (thanks AGF!). Unfortunately, the Photobucket debacle means those threads are now picless:
Not necessarily. If the picture libraries are still at Photobucket you can see them in the threads if you have Chrome or Firefox. An addon somehow allows the browser to access the pictures and put them in the threads.
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