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Based on Doug's Adding an Internal Mic blog and the link within about Powering Microphones, I decided to try this.

I bought a Shure WL50 lapel condenser mic for $30 off Reverb. This was a $200 mic back in the day, probably 10-15 years old... but in great shape and worth it to experiment with.

I decided to power it with my 9v pedal board supply, most of us have one of those. And I had a 10 mf cap and a 2k2 resistor in my stores.

I plugged it into my Helix just because it has a tuner/mute and volume control, just a straight through new preset. And it freakin' worked! I wasn't so much amazed than just excited at how simple it is.

Yes, the solder job is ugly, just a proof of principle. I plan to build a small 9v powered 1590 box that has 2 in's and 2 outs. The main pickup (TIP) will simply be a pass through and the 2nd source (RING) will have the 9v power and impedance applied to it.

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