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The original Play Acoustic did have the guitar effects global. There have been firmware upgrades since they first came out. All Play Acoustics are upgradable by simply using the USB port and going to their website. My guitar effects are no longer global. I now have my Play Acoustic set up so that my different scenes can have varying amounts of Body Rez, Delay, Reverb or Chorus.

There are a lot of products out there to help you achieve your own unique sound. Personally, I find the Play Acoustic to be a tool I can hardly live without. I have three P.A. systems. The Play Acoustic improves my vocals on all of them. The play acoustic subtly gives my vocals a certain increase in cutting through the mix while still sounding great. I also have a Loudbox mini. Plugging a mic into it doesn't sound so good. The guitar is fine but the vocals sound "Honky" and I can't seem to eq that sound out. If I use the Play Acoustic in front of the Mini the vocals sound nuch better. I could actually gig with it in a very small environment.

Personally, I don't use a lot of effects for my acoustic sounds. I have played with the unit though and it produces a lot of different guitar sounds. I find the Body Rez gives me a much more realistic acoustic sound. It's not perfect but it's a sound I like. I think the amount of body rez I use gets a more natural sound while still projecting and not sounding muddy. I have a scene where I use the Corona Chorus to achieve a bit of a twelve string sound. It's great for playing "Hotel California."

We all have different needs and expectations. What works for me very well may not suit you at all. A lot of guys prefer Boss units. The Play Acoustic does a lot of things and it takes time to find all the things it will do. If you keep experimenting with it you might find a lot of things that you like. I sure did.
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