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Originally Posted by AZLiberty View Post
Actually it's thin walnut veneer (new ones) or thin sapele veneer (older) over solid poplar.
Taylor's laminate is three layers of very thin woods slathered with glue and pressed together. The core is a very thin sheet of poplar, not much different than the top and bottom layers. Calling it solid poplar is a very generous way to put it, though since it is not sawdust and binder then one could say it is "solid" wood but it is so thin that you do not get the kind of tone from it that you get from a real solid wood back and sides like you see on the 300s and above (and the old 200s before they switched those several years ago to laminate/plywood). The 200s and below get their tone from their solid wood tops plus the overall shape and construction of the back and sides.
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