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So, interesting stories:

While making this first batch for Harvey Leach (who said I could use his name), my wife expressed an interest in one.

Our oldest daughter loves purple and hearts so I made her one out of purple heartwood.

Our youngest daughter is a clarinet aficionado so I made her one out of african blackwood, the same as her instrument.

And, for my wife, I made one from the very Black Walnut tree that grows in her childhood backyard that her dad planted.

So, I like how personal these can be.

I love the guitar theme of these and a chance to hold The Tree in my hand as I work

I also got a tiny stash of Lucky Strike and The Tree soundboard drops so will be making 2 or 3 guitar accessory boxes this summer (if you remember my previous two stories about those).

Anyway, I'm having tons of fun with this making guitar themed gifts.
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