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Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
This is generally where I am at as well. I live
Rural and the nearest store is about an hr away
And it is a gc. So it's limited in acoustic stuff.
I mostly do research here and buy online. It is
a bit of a disease.. ha.... no cure.
This is a situation where I'm not sure being in a rural location is any more challengeing than being near lots of guitar stores. You can go in and try some of the stock systems, Taylor ES and so on. But the pickups most discussed here either aren't available in regular stores, or if they are, there's no way to audition them in *your* guitar. The best you can do is read about them, listen to online demos, maybe find a buddy who has one if you're lucky, and hope that your guitar will sound the same as theirs. There's so much variability that until the pickup's in your guitar, with you playing it, thru your amp, at your gig, you have no idea how it will work. So mail order works as well as anything else, because we're all sort of flying blind on pickup purchases.
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